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Omega j8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer White

Congratulations, you have picked an excellent juicer.

The Omega Juicer 8004 (same machine, different name), is widely regarded as one of the best juicers on the market.

You’ve done your homework in choosing a great juicer, let me point you to the right path.

I have listed the links you will find most helpful.

Such as detailed reviews that goes through all the features and benefits.

Where you can find the best price.

And comparison articles that will tell you the difference between various Omega juicer models.

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Omega J8004 Review

omega J8004 Juicer

Omega J8004 Review

Update:  We have decided to add more details and move the article to: Omega J8004 Review.  We will go over this juicer from top to bottom.

I want you to have the most accurate information before you purchase this juicer.

There are a lot of different variables when choosing a juicer, and what other people value might not be what you find important.

It makes sense to get the juicer that you’ll actually use, that’s why I’ve written this.

This juicer is great at many things, for example…(continue here)

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Omega J8004 Juicer

omega J8004 Juicer

Omega J8004 Juicer

Omega j8004 Juicer

The popularity of juicing has increased tremendously in recent years. Doctors, celebrities, and everyday people have found the incredible power of juicing.

The one piece of equipment you need to juice is a juicer.  But with so many brands and styles of juicers out there, it can be tough to decide which one.

Since you found my website, I can only assume you’ve done your homework.  Because this juicer is one of the most used and popular juicer on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at the Omega j8004 juicer and see if you’ve made the right decision…[Click to Continue]

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Articled has been moved (Click Here To See)!  There has been a lot of interest in this juicer and we have decided to create a complete review that answer all the questions you might have.

The Omega j8004 nutrition center commercial masticating juicer have been helping a lot of people pursue a much healthier life style for years.

It has many of the features both beginner and seasoned juicers want.

Could this juice be something that will fit into your life style?  Seeing that you found this article, it means you have already done some research.

Let me help you make a more informed decision by going over this juicer in a much more detailed manner…(click here to continue)

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  • Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega 8004 Juicer Reviews

Omega 8004 Juicer Reviews

Omega 8004 Juicer Reviews

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Omega 8004 Juicer Reviews

Omega 8004 Best Price

Omega 8004 Comparisons

I’m glad to see you here.  I know you have been doing some research on picking the best juicer, and I have to say, you’ve done your homework.  :)

You have picked a wonderful juicer that a lot of people love.

Not only advanced juicers, but also beginners love how efficient and versatile this juicer can be.

Even so, I believe it is important to get as much information as you can before you make a decision to buy…(click here to continue)

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  • omega 8004 reviews

Omega Juicer 8004

Omega Juicer 8004

Omega Juicer 8004

Omega Juicer 8004 Review

Have you thought about why most of the advanced juicers choose masticating style juicers, like the Omega Juicer 8004?

Is there something they know the rest don’t know?  It just seems weird they would go with a juicer that is known to be slow, and takes a little bit more preparation than centrifugal juicers on the market.

I owned a centrifugal juicer, but when it broke down a little less than a year later, I decided to get another one.

Omega Juicer 8004 Sale Price Link

Instead of just buying the cheapest one I could find, I went ahead and really did some research.  I was committed to juicing, so I looked at it as an investment rather than a purchase.

Here are my findings.  I think you’ll be surprised by a couple of things, and find quite a bit of useful information.

Like I said, this is an investment for your body, and like any investment, you should know what you are getting into.

Things To Consider:

Quality Of Juice.

As I was doing my research, I noticed that most beginner juicers are drawn toward centrifugal juicers, while seasoned juicers almost always choose masticating juicers, such as the Omega Juicer 8004.

It became clear that the beginner wanted something easy, and the experts looked for quality of juice.  Turned out, what makes centrifugal juicers so easy, is also their biggest weakness.

In short, masticating juicers make much, much higher quality juice than centrifugal juicers.

Centrifugal juicers spin the cutting blade at such a high rate (upwards of 15000 RPM), they create heat and a lot of oxidation.  Two biggest enemies of fresh juice.  Heat and oxidation is the main cause of lost of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes in fresh juice.

The Omega 8004 on the other hand, turns the auger (the thing that chews up the vegetables) at only 80 RPM.  No heat build up, and minimal oxidation means more nutrient in your body.

Perfectly Designed for Leafy Greens and Wheatgrass.

Another thing that caught my attention, is that while most beginners like to juice fruits, more advanced juicers always seem to go for the dark leafy greens and wheatgrass.

I found out that’s because green veggies don’t have sugar (think extra calories), and they are packed with a super powerful and nutritious chlorophyll.

The problem with trying to extract the nutrients from leafy green vegetables is that they have tons of fiber, but not that much liquid.  While you can juice leafy greens with centrifugal juicers, they are not designed for that.  It’s like trying to move a big house with a sports car…you can if you want to, but it’s not very efficient.  Not to mention centrifugal juicers CAN NOT juice wheatgrass.

The Omega Juicer 8004 on the other hand, was designed from the ground up to juice leafy greens and wheatgrass.  It has a slow milling action (think chewing) that is perfect for vegetables with a lot of fiber.  It slowly crushes and squeezes the vegetables until the pressure is so high the juice is forced out.

You will get the most juice with least amount of waste.  And that’s a good thing (haha, quoting Martha Stewart).

Why I Recommend The Omega Juicer 8004.

I think it’s pretty clear that the Omega Juicer 8004 does what I value the most extremely well.

  1. I want the highest quality juice with the most nutrient.
  2. I want to juice designed for leafy greens.
  3. I want to juice wheatgrass, which is one of the most powerful miracle plant on the planet.

It doesn’t stop here, there are a lot more to this juicer than what I’ve mentioned so far.  Keep reading, and you’ll see. :)

How Much Should You Pay?

omega 8004 amazon discountThe retail price on the Omega Juicer 8004 is about $340 dollars.  Luckily for you, you can use this discount link to get a great deal.  On top of that, you’ll also receive free shipping!

I also think it’s important to price compare to see what other people are charging.  Here are a few top alternative places to shop:

Omega 8004 Price Compare

I’m one of those people who’d spend hours online looking for the best deal on the things I buy.

There is only a slight problem.  Since this juicer is so popular, you might find it out of stock.  I have provided the link where you can check if the sale is still going on, and if it’s in stock.  Good luck.

Other Goodies!

Is The Warranty Any Good?

Are you crazy?  Good?  More like unbelievable!  The warranty on the Omega Juicer 8004 is FIFTEEN years!  That’s right, by the time the warranty runs out, we’ll all be driving flying cars!

Seriously though, when was the last time you got a warranty more than couple of years?

It makes it that much easier to make the purchase when you know the company has your back.  They are in it for the long haul, and they have customer in mind.  That’s the kind of company I want to do business with.

What Is All The Buzz About The New Auger?

omega j8004 juicer auger

Omega j8004 juicer Auger

Do you know what GE Ultem means?  Neither do I, but it’s the material used to make the new auger for the Omega Juicer 8004.

It is 8 times stronger than the previous model.  I don’t know how the engineers did it, but I’m glad they did.

The auger takes the most punishment in the juicer.  It is responsible for crushing and pressing the vegetables to squeeze out the juice.

It only makes sense to improve on the auger since the warranty is 15 years.  Omega has thought of everything.

How Long Does It Take To Clean?

If you love spending a lot of time doing dishes, then you are out of luck.  The Omega Juicer 8004 takes under 2 minutes to clean.  All you need to do is rinse it under running water.  And because of the smart design, the hardest part of any juicer to clean, the screen, is very small, a few brushes and you are done.

It really couldn’t be for easier.  Oh, and did I mention the detachable parts are dish washer safe?

Is The Juice Foamy and Pulpy?

No!  There are two screens on the juicer and one on the juice collector to separate out the foam.  And because of the slow masticating action of the auger, it doesn’t produce that much foam in the first place.  If you like your juice foam free and pulp free, you will love the Omega Juicer 8004.

What About Clogging?

If you follow direction, you shouldn’t have to worry about clogging.  Most of the time clogging is caused by users.  They try to stuff too much stuff into the juicer at once.

That’s not to say Omega doesn’t have a solution when clogging does happen.  They have implemented a reverse button, which with a flip of a switch, reverses the rotation of the auger, and unclog the juicer.

Does It Make A Ton Of Noise?

If you ever used a centrifugal juicer, you know it can sometimes sound like a helicopter taking off in your kitchen.  That is because the motor has to spin the cutting blade at thousands of revolution per minute.

The Omega Juicer 8004 on the other hand, only spins the auger at 80 revolution per minute.  It is very quiet.  Perfect if you have roommates and you want to juice in the morning.  You won’t have to worry about waking them up.

Is That It?  What Else Can It Do?

Are you kidding?  This juicer can do so much more.

  • Frozen Dessert Maker
  • Baby Foods
  • Nut Butters
  • Mincing/Chopping
  • Grinding
  • Pasta Extruder
  • Soy Milk Extruder
  • Fruit Juicer
  • Wheat Grass Juicer
  • Vegetable Juicer

Another advantage the Omega Juicer 8004 has over centrifugal juicers.

Omega Juicer 8004 Best Price Link

What About Complaints?

Have you seen the customer ratings on this juicer?  It has almost a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!

Couple of complaints came from people who didn’t do their research.  I’ll explain here.

Complaint 1.) It’s slow.  Well, it supposed to be.  Most people who are interested in this juicer WANT it to be slow.  Because slow means high quality juice.

Complaint 2.) The feed tube is small.  It’s true.  The feed tube is small…for a reason.  Since it’s a slow juicer, Omega doesn’t want people cramming whole bunch of vegetables in it at once.  Also, not many people know this, but when you cut the vegetables into smaller pieces, it actually help the juicer to extract more juice.

So, if you want low quality juice, and waste money on expensive veggies, then the Omega Juicer 8004 is not for you.

Final Verdict.

In my opinion, the Omega Juicer 8004 is the best juicer with the best price.  Not only will you be happy with the juicer, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

The improved design, the best warranty in the business, ability to juice tough but the most healthy vegetables, and the ease of clean makes it a juicer that you might take a serious consideration.

Where Can I Find The Best Price?

I don’t actually do any selling here.  The first place I would recommend is  Even with Amazon’s cheap price, they managed to offer free shipping on this product.  Most will pay no tax, which means more savings.

Word of advise, this is a really popular juicer, if I was you, I’d add it to the shopping cart asap if you the sale is still going on, and it’s still in stock.  Good luck. :)

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Omega J8004 Juicer

omega J8004 Juicer

Omega J8004 Juicer

Omega J8004 Juicer Review

It’s all about the juice.  The quality of juice.  Not all juicers are created equal, and not all juicers produce the same quality of juice.

There is a reason why people who have been juicing for a while almost always choose a masticating juicer like the Omega J8004 Juicer.

The whole purpose of juicing is to improve your health.  If that’s the case, why would you choose a juicer that produces inferior quality juice?

Omega J8004 Juicer Deal Found: Click Here

This Omega j8004 Review will go over everything you need to know about this juicer.  Keep reading, and educate yourself, and then decide if you want to make a purchase.


Omega j8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

As you can see in this video, she is able to make both leafy green vegetables and soft fruits. It perfectly illustrates the versatility of the Omega J8004 Juicer.

Juice Quality:

Masticating juicers (like the Omega j8004) make much higher quality of juice than centrifugal juicers.  It’s science!

The biggest advantage of centrifugal juicers is also their biggest weakness.  They are extremely fast, but in the process, they create a lot of heat and oxidation, which destroys the vitamins, minerals and the live enzyme in the juice.

The cutting blade on centrifugal juicers can spin up to 15,000 RPM (revolution per minute).  That creates heat, and a vortex of air, which accelerates oxidation.  When you end up is a foamy juice that separate’s quickly.  It won’t be as flavorful, doesn’t store well, and most importantly loses nutrients fast!

The Omega j8004 juicer is the exact opposite of a centrifugal juicer.  It uses an auger that spins at only 80 RPM.  It doesn’t shred the vegetables like a centrifugal juicer.  It uses a slow milling action (imagine chewing) to crush and squeeze out the juice.

There is no heat build up, there is minimum contact with oxygen.  No heat and no oxygen means no lost of nutrients!

You will definitely see and taste the difference.  The juice from centrifugal juicers separate fast because there are more pulp.  Along with more nutrients, the juice from the Omega 8004 will taste more full bodied and flavorful.  That’s why we juice, isn’t it?

Perfect for Leafy Green Vegetables:

Fruit juice tastes good, but it’s vegetable juice that has the most powerful, and healing nutrients.

If juicing green leafy vegetables is your priority, then you should seriously consider the Omega 8004 Juicer.  What makes this Omega juicer so efficient at juicing fibrous vegetables is the slow masticating action.

Vegetables have tons of fiber but not that much juice.  The Omega j8006 juicer’s auger literally “chews” up the veggies slowly and extract the maximum amount of juice.  In fact, when you hear the juicer, it sounds like someone’s chewing.

This is a huge advantage over centrifugal juicers.  Centrifugal juicers are fast, but they are NOT designed for leafy greens.  When you juice leafy greens in a centrifugal juicer, you’ll find big chunks of untouched vegetables in the pulp bin.

I’m pretty sure when you spent money on the vegetables to juice, you wanted to drink it, and not throw them away…am I right?

Master Wheatgrass Juicer:

Wheatgrass is actually much tougher to juice then even leafy greens.  Cows need those big blocky teeth and FOUR stomachs to digest wheatgrass…it’s that tough.

If you want to juice wheatgrass, then forget about centrifugal juicers.  It’s just not going to work!  I tried that when I first started juicing, and almost broke my juicer.  Lesson learned!

It’d be a shame to miss out on this miraculous plant because your juicer isn’t capable.  The healing benefit of wheatgrass going on and on.

There are a lot of people who buy the Omega j8004 juicer just to juice wheatgrass.  Why? Because the Omega J8004 juicer is amazing at juicing wheatgrass.  The design inspiration for this juicer is actually drawn from old fashioned hand cranked wheatgrass juicer.

You Are Looking At A Winner:

What makes the Omega j8004 Juicer a great choice is because it does what a juicer is supposed to do perfectly.

Think about it:

1.) It makes the best quality juice,

2.) It squeezes every last single drops of juice out of everything you put in, and

3.) It juices the most nutritious vegetables and fruits with ease.

Oh, and did I mention the Omega J8004 Juicer has the best warranty in the industry?  More on that below.

What’s It Going To Cost You?

omega 8004 amazon discountGoing to be honest with you, I’m one of those people who’d look online for hours to save a few bucks.  No exception when it comes to the Omega j8004 juicer.

The retail price for this juicer is $340, but I wasn’t about to pay retail price.

Use this link to get receive free shipping from

I’ve looked all over and found Amazon has the best price, free shipping (both ways) and no tax in most states.

There is only one color option:  The Omega j8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer White

One thing you want to avoid is waiting too long.  They have been known to be sold out, because of the popularity of juicing.  If you found one on sale, and it’s still available, don’t wait too long.

Other Important Things You Should Know.

What Kind Of Warranty Does It Have?

How does 15 years sound?  That’s correct, the Omega j8004 juicer comes with an incredible 15 year warranty.  This is the best warranty you’ll find on juicers!

The warranty on most centrifugal juicers is just 1 year!  Omega went about 14 miles extra when they decided to release the Omega 8004.

It give you confidence when a company backs up their product by giving it a unheard of warranty such as this.  In this day and age, corporations just want to take your money and run, but not Omega, seems like they actually put customers first.

Specially Designed Auger:

omega j8004 juicer auger

Omega j8004 juicer Auger

This specially formulated GE Ultem auger is 8 times stronger than the previous model.

Why is that important?  Because the auger gets the most wear and tear in this juicer.  It has to withstand the crushing pressure when juicing.

By having something this strong, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or cracking, and will be working for a long time to come.

Is Cleaning The Juicer A Pain In The Behind?

Absolutely NOT!  This is one of the things people really love about the Omega j8004 Juicer.  How easy it is to clean.  From start to finish, it should take you probably under 2 minutes.

There are only a few parts, and the hardest thing to clean, the screen, is tiny.  A few brush strokes with the included brush is all it takes.  I love juicing, but I can’t say the same about doing dishes :)

Is The Juice Foamy?

If you like foamy juice, then this is not for you.  Because of its slow masticating juicing process, the Omega j8004 juicer produces very little foam.

Also, it comes with a screen for the juice bowl, that further eliminates foam.  Like most people, I like my juice foam and pulp free.

What About Clogging?

Now, clogging happens to just about all juicers.  One of the reason this juice doesn’t clog much, if at all, is because when you cut the vegetables into smaller pieces, it breaks up the fiber and makes it easy for the juice to process.

It also have a reverse button to unclog the juicer with just a touch.

Does It Make A Lot Of Noise?

If you ever used a centrifugal juicer, you know it can sound like you just started a lawn mower in your kitchen.  That is because the motor has to spin at something like 10,000 RPM!

Not so with the Omega J8004 Juicer.  This juicer spins the auger at only 80 RPM and is super quiet.  You can have a normal conversation while the juicer is turned on.  If you want to juice early in the morning while not waking up other people in the house, this is perfect.

Does It Do Anything Else Besides Juicing?

A lot of people thought the Omega J8006 is just a juicer…think again! :)

Check out all the other awesome things you can do with this juicer:

  1. Frozen Dessert Maker
  2. Baby Foods
  3. Mincing/Chopping
  4. Nut Butters
  5. Grinding
  6. Nut Butters
  7. Pasta Extruder
  8. Soy Milk Extruder
  9. Vegetable Juicer
  10. Wheat Grass Juicer
  11. Fruit Juicer

Most centrifugal juicers can only juice…the Omega 8004 does that and much more.  It’s like buying 2, 3 different appliances for the price of one.

What Are The Complaints?

People are going to complain about something no matter what.  The hard thing is to separate the ignorant ones from the legitimate ones.

The Omega j8004 juicer has been receiving amazingly positive reviews, so there isn’t too much to complain about.  What I found people talk about most are two things.

1.)  They mention the feed tube on this juicer is a bit small.  What they don’t know, is that it’s small for a reason.  When you cut the vegetables and fruits into smaller sizes, it actually help the juicer to extract more juice.

2.)  A few people also mention it takes a bit longer to juice.  That is true.  But it’s also true for masticating juicers in general.  And the thing is, it is SUPPOSED to be slow.  Slow juicing retains the most nutrients.  Most advanced juicers actually prefer that it is slow.

Other than that, it’s really hard to find any fault with this juicer.  You are getting a quality machine, that’s for sure.

Final Thought.

Personally, I believe this is the best juicer on the market because it has just about everything I look for in a juicer. It produces the best quality juice, it’s dual stage juicing extract the maximum amount of juice, it juices wheatgrass, and leafy greens with ease, it has the longest warranty in the business, and the clean up is a piece of cake.

If you are serious about you and your family’s health, I would recommend this juicer without any hesitation.

Where To Buy At The Best Price?

As I have mentioned earlier, has the best price.  I love shopping there. their shipping is super fast, and I don’t pay sales tax (in most states).

Another thing I love about Amazon is I trust them.  I’ve read a lot of people getting scammed out of their money by shady websites, and it is unfortunate.  Amazon been in business a long time, and they spend tons of money on shopping security.  I feel very comfortable giving them my credit card info.

Whenever you are ready, you can click here and check out the lastest sale price.

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