Omega 8004 vs 8005 Comparison

Everyone wants to make sure they buy the best juicer possible.  By choosing either one of these two juicers, you are on the right path.  Omega makes incredible juicers.  And the Omega j8004 and the j8005 are two of the most popular models.

Even though they both cost the same, there are difference you need to know to make the best choice.  Some differences are small, but some are significant.

Before we start, I want to point out what they both share in common:  They both have the exact same motor.  So power wise, they are exactly the same.

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Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail.

Cosmetic Differences:

omega 8004

Omega 8004 Juicer

omega 8005 juicer

Omega 8005 Juicer

The first thing you will notice is the color of the two juicers.  The Omega 8004 is white, and the Omega 8005 is black and chrome.

Secondly, you can see that the 8004 has a built in handle, and the 8005 has a flip up handle.  I personally like the built in handle better because it’s one less thing that can break.  It feels more sturdy and is more convenient to carry it around.

If you look at the photos, you can see the 8004 looks a bit more modern with a cover at the base of the juicer.  This does not effect the performance, more of a personal preference.

This might be hard to tell from the photos, but the funnel at the top is also different.  The funnel on the 8004 is bigger than the one on 8005.  It’s very handy when you are juicing grapes, berries, or smaller pieces of fruits and vegetables.  It makes it much easier to catch the pieces.

Not include in the photos are the juice collector and the pulp container.  Both the collector and the pulp container are bigger on the 8004.  It makes juicing bigger quantity of juice a lot easier because you don’t have to fumble around trying to switch the juice collector or empty the pulp bin.  It can get messy, trust me. :)

Major Differences:

One of the changes other reviews don’t mention, is the location of the on and off switch.  On the 8005 the switch is on top of the juicer, right by the handle.  On the surface, it doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong with that, but if you think about it, putting the switch on the top of the juicer is actually a pretty bad idea.

The reason for that is, when people juice, there seems to be a lot of liquid around, whether from washing the vegetables, washing your hands, or handling the juice itself.  We all know liquid and electronic appliances don’t mix!  The 8004 solves that problem by relocating the switch to the back of the juicer.  By tucking the switch out of the way, you will have much less chance of damaging your juicer by accidentally spilling liquid on your juicer.

Another important change is the material used in the auger.  While the harden plastic on the 8005 is pretty strong, Omega decided to upgrade the 8004 by using a super strong material that is 8 times stronger than before.  It is worth mentioning because the auger takes the most punishment.  When you juice hard vegetables or fibrous vegetables, you want a strong auger that will last a long time.

Finally, the biggest difference is the length of warranty.  The 8005 has an incredible 10 year warranty!  When was the last time you bought something with a 10 year warranty?  Well, believe it or not, here it is!  The warranty on the Omega 8004 is a mind boggling 15 full years!  This is the best warranty on any juicer on the market.

Price difference.  Actually, there is no price difference.  It is kind of weird.  The Omega 8004 has all these great improvements, yet they both cost the same.  The only reason I can think of is because the 8005 has a chrome covered plastic, instead of white.  If that really matters to you, I’d suggest going with the Omega 8006.  The 8006 is the exact same machine as the 8004, except the 8006 has a chrome finish, like the 8005.


To me, the clear winner is the Omega 8004.  It is just a better juicer from top to bottom.  It has a smarter design, It uses better material where it counts, it has a 5 year longer warranty, and they both cost the same!  I’m not going to tell you which one to get, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which is a better choice.

Best Deals:

I’ve included the best deals for each of the juicers I mentioned in this article.  I listed two places with the best prices. You’ll get free shipping by using the links provided here.  Zappos also offer free return shipping.  Seems like juicing is getting more mainstream, and the juicers seem to sell out from time to time.  If you see it in stock and on sale, I suggest you add it to your shopping cart asap.

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